Running late

I did the strangest thing this morning. The moment my ears became aware of the sound of morning I bolted out of bed and straight for the shower. I brushed my teeth violently, got dressed and left hurriedly, like I was late for something. Joshua and Katy, who I live with, were still in bed. They get up before me normally. It was only when I stopped to buy some food that I began to wonder what time it was and where exactly I was headed. I asked the shop manager for the time (I have no watch or mobile phone), paid for my food and proceeded to Queen Elizabeth House (QEH), where I spend my days applying for jobs. I do not know what to make of this experience. There was a strong sense of urgency to get ready, to go, when I awoke.  QEH has given some meaning to my days. Maybe that is what I was rushing for this morning: meaning. Yesterday a confidante was alarmed to learn that I was spending the day in QEH, 24 hours after a medical operation. I yearn for meaning.


~ by wanderer and his shadow on January 31, 2009.

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